Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Well, I told you about my crazy schedule earlier in the week.... 3 nights on, one night off, and one night on!!!  For those of you who have never worked night shift, it is the every other nights that really do you in.  Plus, I didn't have a full "normal" day until yesterday....and by 3:00, I was DONE!  Thankfully, hubby made dinner, and let me sit alone in my room with my computer.

Bean Boy
Bean Boy has had a difficult week too, learning really hard lessons.  I've turned over the discipline to my hubby.... it has been painful for Bean Boy, but the follow through has been something he has needed.  I guess the mommy in me has "given in" more than I'd care to admit. I will admit that I would have given in again!  BUT, the yes ma'ams have returned to his vocabulary, and there is a much sweeter spirit.  In fact, last night, after dinner, I very casually said to my husband that brownies would taste good.  I disappeared into my room for some alone time with my computer, and Bean Boy, unbeknownst to me, found a box of brownies and made them... just for me!!!!  That is the single most thoughtful thing he has EVER done for me!!! No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on however it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who are trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Baby T
Baby T had an exciting week.... for her birthday back in May, we had asked people to give money to buy her a gym mat.  I've been waiting and waiting for her Aunt to help me (she's a gym coach) get the best mat for the best value....but she works night shift as a nurse too, and we never work the same schedule!  So, I finally manned up and picked one myself.  I showed it to Baby T on the internet, she wanted purple, and I wanted free shipping!  We both got what we wanted!  It was funny that when the box arrived no one (maybe Bean Boy) figured out what it was!  When they opened it, there was a lot of cheering! :) That makes me smile!!!  As if we didn't have non-stop gymnastics already!  At least I don't have to worry as much about their heads on the concrete floor!!!

Her rash has come back, so please pray for her.  This time it is not as extensive.  I'm thinking it is an allergy to sunscreen because we went swimming the day before it started, and it is only in places where we put sunscreen.... We may be seeing a dermatologist or allergist.

Little Bit
Poor sweet girl!  She woke up this morning at 0530 throwing up!  I'm not sure what this says about me, other than showing how selfish I am, but my first thought was....well, my date plans with hubby are ruined!  The girls were supposed to spend the night with a friend and Bean Boy with Grandma.  Of course, when I joined her in the bathroom, her first words, with tears in her eyes, were, "I won't be able to spend the night with [my friend]".  Like mother, like daughter!

Despite the working, and the sickness, we had a good week in school.  Bean Boy finished everything on his list (or will by the end of today).  The girls will have a sick day today.  Yesterday we went to the $2 summer movie and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  That's my favorite kids movie!!!  A little scary for Baby T, but it provided sweet snuggle time. 

Even with the illness, I am looking forward to having a weekend off.  It is probably the thing I miss most since I've started working...weekends. Don't take them for granted! :)

Thank you Lord for another week with my wonderful family.  Even though we have a sickie, I am looking forward to the weekend. Be with us and help us to make the most of our times together!

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  1. I hope LB is feeling better soon, that no one else gets sick and that Baby T's rash is gone soon too!!!

    Sounds like y'all had a good week other than the rash and sickness! I can't see the video yet (Firefox is having issues....), but I'll click over to IE or Chrome to see if it'll work there. I'm sure the new mat will be much enjoyed!

  2. Thank you... LB is better... already doing cartwheels and eating. I guess that was just a fluke. If you know how to fix the size of the video, I'd love help with that....still figuring out the blog thing! ;)

  3. To those reading this, I'm new here... trying to figure out how to make my video fit... I changed the size but the frame is still in the way! I hope that doesn't keep you from looking around!

  4. Girl, I've worked 3rd shift while homeschooling, and it's definitely not easy. You're right, those days off in between get you, becaue you try to catch up on things, and then you go to bed at a normal hour and then no sleep. Sounds like a good, but busy week and great news about the's the small glimpses of progress that let us know we really are heading in the right direction.

    1. Joesette,

      Some days I long for a normal life.... some days I'm thankful that I can just survive this one! ;) But I am thankful for the small progression in the right direction. And, as I mentioned in my post Good for My Soul, I am very thankful to have this job!

      Thanks for your comment!