Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm so very excited that there are 2 special events going on this year that I get to teach my chilies about.... Can you guess?  Of course, it's the 2012 Olympics, and the Presidential Election.  We are going to spend the next week or so studying the Olympics with the help of several resources.  If you haven't tried out Homeschoolshare, they are the best place to go for all things lapbooking!  And, they're FREE!!! We used their templates as well as a study guide I got from CurrClick.  Hopefully by the end of the study that each kiddo will have an amazing lapbook that they can share with others!

We started yesterday (ok...Monday... been working on this for a while)!  It was so wonderful to have all the kids (including my God-daughter) around the table cutting away while I read to them about the history of the Olympics.  I'm learning so much too!  We will study the history, the timeline, the different emblems, logos, prizes, and so much more.  Then, we are going to highlight certain competitors that I think will inspire the kiddos.  My son started on swim team this year.  We had fun watching the swimming trials and for the first time he really got into competition, and I heard him cheer on Michael Phelps.  That was so fun- and man, the competition between Phelps and Lochte is making for a very interesting competition.  And, of course, my sweet gymnasts were allowed to stay up VERY late to watch the gymnastic trials.  The whole time Baby T was saying, "I'm going to do that one day!"

I think this will be such a fun, fun study, and a break from our normal... nice to do since we always school through the summer!  I would love to see link-ups to what you guys are doing for Olympic study, or election study, or lapbooking....

So- I'm also wondering how you guys go about doing your lapbooks.  I like to have them do all the cutting while I'm talking... a little each day goes a long way.  This year (we usually do 1 big one/year) I punched holes in all the papers and gave each kid their own 3-ringed binder.  Then, per the suggestion of the study guide we had, we used duct tape at the bottom of a ziplock bag, and used that bag to hold the smaller cutouts, glue, and small scissors.  This has been the best organization of all the years.  I have tried large ziplock bags to hold it all, folders, crates, etc., but the 3-ringed binder really seems to make a difference.  For some reason, they can clean it up easier, and without complaining....maybe too it is just because they are older... who knows!

Finished Product
I promise to post pictures of our finished products when they are done....hopefully we will start gluing next week!


  1. I'd like to see those organized binders too! Good job, Momma! Since we don't currently have television, my kiddos aren't interested in the Olympics. My heart is crushed at this, as I remember watch in awe at their ages. Maybe in 2 years!

  2. Donna-

    Happy birthday!!!

    I hope it was a good one. I literally took all of the parts to the lapbook after they were printed, and punched holes in them- as long as it wouldn't ruin the integrity of the page. Then, the kids take out one page at a time, and cut. Their cutout is placed either in the baggie thing we made (wish I had the gallon size or store bought pencil bag with holes) or in the pocket in the binder. We will keep all things there until we are ready to glue...I do all the gluing at the end. Does that make sense?