Thursday, July 19, 2012


Back in March or April, I signed us up for the summer free bowling program.  Well, we've been so incredibly busy, and I've been trying to keep up with school... Needless to say, we haven't been yet... until yesterday (Monday).

My kids have never been bowling!  What a special treat it was to be able to take them for the first time.  It was quite funny too!  Little Bit bowls like a maniac, running up to the lane and then barely able to toss the ball hard enough to get it to go all the way down.... the ball goes down the lane (slooooowly), and her entire body is flailing!  It was hysterical.  Baby T is so strong, I had to tell her several times to roll the ball underhanded... it's not a softball!

Here is a video of Little Bit... this particular video is the only one I took, but wasn't the funniest bowl she had...but typical!

Bean Boy and Crazy K (my God-daughter) were in a fierce competition... the three of us rolled an equal amount of gutter balls!  I impressed myself by bowling over 100 the first game... Oh my- the second game was HORRIBLE!  Little Bit beat us all, and was 1 point away from 100. She did have the gutters covered though! We will definitely be going again!

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