Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Special

Well... I'm sooo excited, and sad! I just spent the entire weekend with my family!!! AWAKE too! A whole weekend! As I mentioned here, I work most Friday and Saturday nights.  I do this so our school weeks can be as normal as possible.  BUT, as you read in my other post, I worked 3 on 1 off 1 on... torture, but it freed up my weekend.

Originally we were going to go to the homeschool conference.  Instead, the girls spent the night with a friend, and my son was with my mom.  We had an entire night alone together.... it was great!  I can't remember the last time we had real alone time.  We went to dinner, rented a movie... I even slept in!  All the way to 0730!  HAHA!  Yes people, for me that is sleeping in!   Once the kids came home, we went to the bookstore, out to eat (3 times in one weekend...I was truly spoiled!) and came home....this is the fun part.... the girls cleaned the inside and the boys cleaned the outside (and our neighbor's yard). I slept in today too... to about 0739! Then, I got to go to church with my family, take an afternoon nap, grocery shop, and watch a family movie... We Bought a Zoo... many tears over that one, but it was good.

I know that probably doesn't sound amazing to you guys.  For most of you, it's probably a pretty typical weekend.  But, of all the things I miss the most about my former (pre-work) life, weekends are pretty close to the top of the list.  And, when I have one off, it's usually because we have something to do.  It is a very rare weekend where we can hang out and watch movies, clean the house, and go to church together. Very rare, indeed.  I'm so glad we got to enjoy this time together and that this week, I don't have to try to squeeze it all in to 5 days!


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