Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Vacation Projects

In our homeschool this week. . .
Woohoo! Loving vacation!!!! Ya'll should join me!

In my life this week. . .  I have become a Pinterest Princess! My mom continues to say how much I'm putting everyone else to shame by completing projects.  I've made several more aprons, chef's hats to go with them, as well as oven mitts. . . They are completely fabulous!!! I'm in love with them!
Someone asked, and yes, I sewed on a t.v. tray, my iron is on the other one. . . cutting was done on the coffee table from a kids school desk chair!  And, they still turned out soooo stinking cute!!!  See the mess??
We took these to her the day she found out her dad died.  It was good to see her smile! Hers is my favorite set.
This sweet girl looks like a Keebler Elf every time she puts that hat on.... it makes me smile!

I did put a link for the website to the apron tutorial in this post.  The oven mitt, and chef's hats were both in different tutorials.  I used the same material as the aprons, and had a matching set for each kiddo; apron, chef's hat, oven mitt, and for Crazy K, an adorable pot holder from the front pocket of her sweet jeans!

2 of my chefs did some holiday baking for me! It looks like they were  really concentrating here, hehe.

Here they were decorating Pringles cans with holiday paper so they'd have a pretty way to deliver them! Another  idea from Pinterest, but I don't think I pinned the link. . .oops!

NEXT, I decided to try to make a cute little bag.  Now, I think the total time spent on this project was 10-15 minutes.  However, it took about 1 hour to finish it due to one cranky, whiny, crying Baby T who interrupted several times, one broken sewing needle, and several other interruptions!  I forgot to finish the edges of the ruffles before sewing them on the bag, but it's still cute.  Don't you think so?  Instructions for that are here.  I had some small black bags I bought for $0.79 at Michaels after Halloween last year.  They were just sitting in a drawer, so I pulled them out to try my hand at ruffles. . . I don't think it's too bad for my first time.

Oh... In all honesty, and with full disclosure, I didn't spruce up my pictures, because I wanted you to see, that while I'm accomplishing wonderfully amazing projects on the sewing machine, my life is in disarray, especially my house!  I haven't done anything else.  I've washed several loads of laundry more than once, stayed up waaaaay too late, and have even, dare I say it, slept in! I've continued to be the "yes, mom". I've made crockpot meals and big dishes so I only cooked dinner 1.5 times this 7 year old cooked the lasagna (oh and hubby helped).  My 7 year old made breakfast all week.  There's STUFF everywhere.

I'm praying for. . . 
My God-daughter Crazy K has had a tough life in her short 11 years!  This past week her biological father passed away.  I can't imagine being faced with the mortality of my parents at such a young age.  She didn't feel up to school the day after she found out, so we had her over.  That's how I got the pic of her all dolled up in the apron and such...that was hers from a pair of jeans she gave me.  She's so amazingly strong, and dealing with all the grown-up issues in her life in such a mature way.  She's so dear to me, and I love her.  I'm praying that God will show her that He's blessed her with so many fathers that have been good to her, loved her like their own, and are still here, and that He Himself has adopted her as His own princess entitled to be His heir!  He is good, even when life is bad!

My favorite thing this week was. . . being home, sleeping in, crafting, saying yes to the kids, wearing pjs at 1:07 while writing my blog post, and eating all the cookies we made!  It's been a fabulous week!!!

Things I'm working on. . . thanks to Pinterest, I will never forget all the things I want to accomplish.  It's like a to do list you can't lose.  There are several projects I have pinned that should be coming up soon.  Next week though, the girls would like to make aprons for their American Girl dolls. . . I'm not quite sure I have the patience to deal with them and the sewing machine (they did try sewing straight lines on scraps today).  If I'm not too exhausted from my crazy work schedule (2 days on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on, yuck, yuck, yuck) then we might give it a try. . . AND I guess at some point, I have to clean out the school room again (sigh) and start planning for our next semester (double sigh). . .

Well, I have to go to bed and start my weekend job. . . Ya'll have a blessed weekend!


  1. My thoughts are with Crazy K! I can't imagine!

    And those aprons and Chef's hats and bag - you're quite talented! They're adorable!

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. FYI I use PicMonkey (free on-line) to make collages and put borders around my photos. It's super easy (or I wouldn't use it LOL).

    1. Right back atchya! I appreciate your visit and who doesn't love a little praise every now and then... I'm sure a trip to PicMonkey is in my near future! Thanks!