Monday, November 19, 2012

Glow in the Dark Party!!!

First of all, I must give a HUGE apology to you, myself, and my daughter for not having ANY pictures of this AWESOME party!!! My mom has some that are incredibly blurry, and as I've mentioned before, my camera is missing!  BUT, I will try to paint a vivid picture in your mind, because it was a wildly cool party that is doable for any of you readers!

First off, I must say I bought a ton of glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and other glow paraphernalia at the dollar store! Then my mom bought some too.  Looking back, I would have bought fewer bracelets, and more sticks.  The large glow sticks were each broken, then cut and poured into mason jars.  We had about 12 of these that lined the way to the yard where the party was hosted.  It looked amazing around my mom's garden with these beautifully bright liquids glowing from the ground. (If I were to do it again, I'd buy several of the same color for each jar). My favorites were the blue and pink colors.  It was cool.  Then we stuck some glow bracelets in the tiny jars my mom had hanging around her porch.  We had the glow lanterns that we put together and sat on the speakers for the movie. Each child had several glow in the dark bracelets/necklaces.  One set of siblings built a jump rope with theirs!  Lastly we had 10 2-liters that we filled with water, and stuck a few glow bracelets in (wish I had more sticks for this...) The yard was glowing with colorful excitement! ;) It was really awesome to look around the yard and see brightly colored glowing lights everywhere!

We also found some glow in the dark duct tape! Can you believe they make that stuff???  It was incredible!  We put some around the cords to the DVD projector and speakers, so people could see where these were, even after the sun went down.  It saved me from tripping, and I think I might use this for our next camping trip... anyway... we also taped some to our ball, and had a fun time with the glowing ball.

On the porch we had a black light, complete with glow in the dark jello and cool aide (don't use works better).  It was fantastic. People helped themselves to chili and hot dogs, and roasted s'mores over the fire pit.  Our wonderful adopted grandparents popped over 12 pans of popcorn and bagged almost 40 bags full to pass out during the movie! I had a ton of help setting up tables, getting food ready, etc.

I have to give extra credit to a few people here.... first my husband.  I wrote the poor guy a 3 page email with a list of 13 things to do and several paragraphs of instructions for each thing!!!!  That man spent the entire weekend preparing for this party.  He made the chili, the glow in the dark cool aide and jello, he packed everything, prepared everything, and never complained!  It was sad and hard for me to ask him for help, because I wanted to do it, but because of some other circumstances and when my work fell, I just couldn't do it.  Thank you, Hubby!   Second, I give thanks to my mom and her boyfriend for opening their yard up to over 40 people, for helping to set up, and for adding glowing paraphernalia!!  AND big thanks to mom's boyfriend for making the incredible 8x8 outdoor movie screen!!! It was incredible! ( are welcome to make us one!!!)

Lastly- everyone on our guest list showed up!  I'm so blessed!  Thank you so much!!!

Now...lest you all think I'm incredibly amazing (snicker, ha-ha)... NONE of the ideas for this party were my own.  I'm going to post the links to each glow-in-the-dark idea I got in list form.  They all came from Pinterest (I told you this website was going to be the death of least it's coming in the most fun way!!!)

Glow in the dark bowling
Glow in the dark jello
Glow in the dark ring toss (obviously missed the hopscotch idea further down! man!!!)
Glow in the dark drinks (we did this too!)

*I cannot find the link with the glow in the dark mason jars, but it is similar to one of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterst... You can see it here (we tried glitter and it didn't work...).

Beware of using Pinterest for party ideas!!! LOL! There are several things I now see I "forgot" to do-besides take pictures... SO, I guess I'll have to do it again!  If Mom lets me use her awesome yard...(minus the smores!) we can make up for our forgetfulness then!

I'm sooo sorry about not having pictures... I've got to find that camera...OR...maybe Hubby can replace it for Christmas! (hint, hint) ;)


  1. Very cool. Or should I say sounds like a glowing review?! :-)