Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Winter Break is Here!!!!

In my life this week. . . Well... I'm doing a little dance!!!! I'm so excited, we have finally reached winter break!!!! Yippe! Yippee!  While Bean Boy still has his writing class, and might elect to do some math, we are officially on break!

I've started to work on some of my Pinterest projects.  My mom again has told me how I'm making everyone look bad by completing projects.  But it feels soooo good. And, I've had so much fun!  My favorite project this week was making aprons out of jeans for the girls!  They turned out so beautifully...and I'm not exactly a professional seamstress.  I think I borrow my mom's sewing machine about once every 5 years!  It's a love/hate/hate relationship.  But these turned out so darling,  actually want to make more!

The girls loved them! I can't find my camera right now, so please bear with the phone photos!
I must give credit where credit is due... if it hadn't been for Pinterest, and A Girl and A Glue Gun (even thought there was no glue gun in this project. . .) I never would have made this!  Here is the link to the apron tutorial.  And, here is where I learned how to make the cute flowers!

In our homeschool this week. . .  well, we've been winding down, so there is really not much to report here.  A little math, handwriting and reading and we've been done as soon as possible each day!  Our most productive day was probably when we did school at McDonald's while the Bean Boy was in writing class.  But now, we're done till January!!! It just makes me want to dance!

Things I'm working on.... expect to see more pinterest projects completed over our break!  Next week the kids and I are having our park/school day with our friend, and it will be filled with Thanksgiving fun... I can't wait to share! Pray my camera turns up!

This week's wrap-up is short because I ended up pulling an extra shift at work.  I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, those aprons are adorable!

  2. Thank you Jamie! And thank you Kim... we will! I will probably make more aprons too! :o)