Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Thanksgiving Postponed

Well. . . this week is a little out of the ordinary. The holiday has been postponed at our house till Saturday, due to the fact that I had to work on Wednesday night and Thursday night. I hope the rest of you enjoyed your turkey, family, and fun.

In our homeschool this week. . . 
We are officially on winter break! Woohoo! That means that I let the kids sleep in. They had no official work, except for my son who had to do the assignments for his writing class.  We did have our park day friend come over on Monday (too cold for an early morning park/school day....yes we are wimpy Floridians).  This was a sweet time of doing some Thanksgiving crafts and reading some stories about Thanksgiving.  I had my God-daughter who is 3 weeks older than my son.  These older two helped to read one of the Thanksgiving books to the youngers.  We had a fabulous time... my friend contributed a lovely acorn shaped snack for her craft! YUM!!  I do love this time of year, and pray we can do the same thing for Christmas.   (Good news...found my camera!)

I'm pretty sure my friend got this idea from Pinterest, but I don't know where.  They were fun, easy, and delicious.  The kids could make them with no help at all!

This is our thankfulness pumpkin patch!  Each of us made one pumpkin with 9-10 things to be thankful for.  
Got the idea from that addictive little site... you know it, Pinterest! Here is the link to the website Keep in mind, I vary EVERY project I do!
One little caveat here... I am truly thankful that we can homeschool.  I was so saddened that as we were reading the VERY ABBREVIATED  story of the first Thanksgiving, my God-daughter piped in that she has never been taught this!  I was floored.  We live in a very conservative, Christian area. . . how has she never heard of the Mayflower?  People, we need to pray for our nation and our children!

In my life this week. . . Well, I enjoyed being the "yes" mom this week!  It seems like because of our busy schedule, our disciplined life, our lack of extra time, I'm always telling the kids "no". "No, you can't play on the computer" (not that I would let them do this a lot anyway. "No, we can't ride bikes today."  "No, we can't do that, we can't do this, we have to do this and that and go here and there." Ugh.... well, I realized also that some of that "no-ing" is habitual.  So, the other day when Baby T asked to play the Nook...I said "Yes!" I ended up having all 4 children on a different electronic devices (Bean Boy was typing his paper...).  I was sewing and listening to Christmas music, and thought, "You know, it feels good to tell them yes."  Then Crazy K said, "I want to bake." I looked up from my sewing and said, I think there's a cake mix in the pantry....that was it, an hour later and we were eating warm lemon cake!  I like the yes mom (and the cake that goes with it!) is how it has been going:

"Mom, can we color?"
"Mom, can we play outside?"
"Mom, can we turn the music up really loud?"
"Mom, can we watch a movie?"
"Mom, can I play a computer game?"
"Mom, can we make pumpkin seeds?"
Since we don't celebrate Halloween, the we didn't make jack-o-lanterns.... But, our master gardener friend brought us a HUGE pumpkin.  The girls wanted to make pumpkin seeds, so we cut it open...they turned out yummy!

"Mom, can I have a snack?"
"Mom, can I play on the Nook?"
"Mom, can we play silly string?"

She's viscious!

Watch out!

The only downer was that they had to clean up the yard when they were done...but Bean Boy  found a way to make that fun too!!!

So what if I got a little stringy!

They even got me to say "yes" to playing some too!

Back off!

The poor dog had no idea he was shot! LOL!
Things I'm working on. . .

I just absolutely LOVE these!!!
Well, I'm working on aprons again!  Made two more for my niece, and they turned out beautifully!  I posted the link for these in last week's wrap up.  Next week I'll try the adult size ones.... I'm a little nervous about that, because there will be a lot more cutting involved.  I spend about 20 minutes on the sewing machine for these, and about 1.5 (with interruption) hours on the rest of it!  I was able to use pre-cut quilting strips from a package.  All four aprons that I have made so far, have come from 1 package of strips ($10.87 at Wal-mart) and 2 pairs of jeans; I think there is enough to make 1-2 more, but I don't like the way the rest look together. I'm sure I'll mix and match some other stuff at another time.  So, I'm sure the adult ones are going to take longer, because I'll have to cut my own strips so they'll be long enough.  I also found patterns on Pinterest for oven mitts and chef's hats.  All the kids say they want the chef's hats too!  SO, that's what's to come after  the adult aprons are finished... I think! ;)  Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

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