Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: November Already????

Here we are at the end of another week...and I'm floored that we've already made it to November! Can you believe it??? Incredible!!! I'm so excited, and I'm not counting down or anything, but we only have 10 days of school left till our long winter break! Being that we live in FL, it's just too hot to do anything in the summer, so we take off for the holidays. We'll start again some time in January. I truly can think of little else than all the things I want to do on our vacation!!! I doubt I'll get to it all, but I'm so super excited! I have pinned many, many things/ideas to my Pinterest boards...that pesky website has gotten the best of me, and well, now I have more to do than ever! I'll fill you in as we get closer! Planning has begun for Little Bit's 7th, yes folks, 7th birthday!!! How did we get this far along? Her birthday is the day after Veteran's Day, but we'll celebrate on V-day this year. We've invited several families for a "Glow in the Dark" party... you can check out that pesky little website (hehe) Pinterest for ideas. We will try things like glow in the dark bubbles, kickball, ring toss, and possible a glow in the dark treasure hunt. There will be a bonfire, hot dogs, chili, and an outdoor movie with our DVD projector...she wants to watch Pocahontas. I can't wait to report how it all goes...especially since I have to work the night before!
Bean Boy's creation!

It is supposed to be Little Bit's Butterfly....I might have it upside down????

Despite the frustration of the wind, Little Bit made two...this is her bird.

Mom's bird...

Baby T's cat and tree.

In our homeschool this week… I've already told ya'll I have senioritis. We did have a very lovely park/school day with our where we made these really cool things (see pics). I gave copies of the printouts of the really cool leaf animals from a blog to my friend, so I don't know who to credit, but it wasn't my idea! I have backed down to "just the basics" with the girls. AND, Friday....well, Friday we skipped school! Bean Boy did his writing assignment for co-op, and that was it. No quizzes this week. I let him off the hook...shhhh don't tell Hubby!!! ;)
I am inspired by… I'm sure at some point the inspiration of Pinterest will turn into frustration, but for now, I'm inspired!

My favorite thing this week was… Having a Friday night off with my family! AND, a Saturday morning!!!

What’s working/not working for us…I'm not sure if it's me, the curriculum, the kids at all different levels, or WHAT, but I feel like Story of the World might not be working for me. We've been doing 2 chapters a week, which has seemed fast. But, I feel like we're flying through it and the lessons aren't sticking.  I'm not making connections, so how could they be? I've never exactly found what works with us for history, and it is a subject I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it, but am clueless about it, so I feel like I keep going in circles. I'd welcome suggestions about how to make SOTW work, or other curricula you guys are using...

I’m cooking… Chili!!!! Pulled out the crockpot and had our first chili of the year!!! I always find the first chili of the year exciting.

I’m grateful for… I'm grateful for this season of thankfulness. I love seeing everyone's posts on their blog and FB about all the things we are grateful for. It is proof that God is good, has been good all year, and will continue even after this season passes. It is proof that He cares about the little things, even me! Ya'll have a great and very blessed weekend!!!

I am praying for.... I am praying for all the people affected by Hurrican Sandy.  Specifically, I am thanking God for all the hospital staff in the hospitals that had to be evacuated.  Seriously, every year we have evacuation training.  We go into the stairwell and laugh about how they expect us to put patients on a glorified cardboard box, and get them down the stairs.  I saw pictures of people doing this in New York!  I know that the loss has been devastating for people in the path of Sandy.  I hope that people will see God's grace and all will feel His compassion and love.


  1. History---me and you---same same. :-) Although DG is reading SOTW 2 this year and enjoying it. It was our third try at a spine for the year!

    Adding my prayers to yours for those recovering from Sandy.

    And !! 7 !! (that is all!) Have fun at the party. It sounds really cool. You are a great momma!!!

    1. BB read Vol 2 last year when what we started with wasn't working for me. He enjoyed reading it, but that's all we did. I wish things were organized a little differently. I love how it is written, love the activities...I just find it a little disjointed...there aren't connections between the chapters I guess....

      And, it has been just about 7 years since we met! Can you believe that?

  2. Wow! Her party sounds like it's going to be a blast! Outdoor movie! Glow in the dark! How unique and interesting!

    I'm feeling the same way about SOTW. It's our first try with it this year, and I'm not sure what they're learning or retaining. (Although they do seem to like it.) We are doing a wall timeline in conjunction with the reading and doing some mapwork from the activity book. (Instead of doing a map every chapter, I'm photocopying one that will work for several chapters and just adding details, notes, etc. that way.) I'm not at home right now to get you links, but you can find the link for the free wall timeline printable on MY PINTEREST (LOL) or head over to my blog and look back a few weekly wrap-ups if you're interested.

    1. I'll be sure to let you know how the party turns out!

      See my reply to Kim above about SOTW. I'll try to remember this week to check out your printable on your blog...which I love BTW! Love the names of your kids! Great idea!

      Have a good weekend!

    2. Thanks! This week we reviewed the first 9 chapters of SOTW Vol 1 since we haven't done it in about 4 weeks now. Using ONE map for all those chapters and putting all the mapwork and people/events from the reading worked! We didn't feel bogged down with doing a map every chapter...and it connected people, places and events together. Now the maps look a bit "crowded", but it works for us!

    3. That's a great idea! I think I'll try that review when we start back up in January! I'll try to play a game with it too... or SOMETHING! Thank you!