Thursday, June 14, 2012


You'll have to bear with me as I struggle to format my blog... I'm not gifted in this area, and as I recently told friends, I wish one of my children would become a techy so I don't have to learn!!!

This week my youngest daughter, Baby T, got a horrible rash.  I mean, from her hairline to the bottoms of her feet were covered...possibly under her hair.  My son, Bean Boy, kept calling her lizard girl.  He had her convinced she would turn into a lizard, and we would keep her for a pet!!!  Oh my word! It was hysterical...we all joined in and talked about how we would put her in a special aquarium so she wouldn't get squished!  She said she was going to crawl into Bean Boy's shorts and bite his hiney!  We were cracking up!!!!  It was a very wonderful snuggle moment in the midst of a not-so-fun situation!

But, the nastiness of her rash and the discomfort she is experiencing because of it, mingled in with probably the craziest 2 weeks of our year so far, has really provided some God-given teaching moments...for us all!  As we were in the car (we spent most of today there!) Baby T was really struggling with the itching.  She was whining, crying, and wriggling all around.  Oh, my sweet baby!  Then Bean Boy really started to get irritated...and while I admit it was annoying, and frustrating, I remembered all that God had taught me about compassion the year before.  It's so hard to set aside our annoyances and think about that other person first...but that sure is what God has done for us!  He has forgotten all the times I was too embarrassed to mention Him, or didn't obey His Word, or just really shown myself, and He has loved me anyway! He's remembered me in my misery, and why shouldn't I do that for others...perhaps starting with my own kiddos.  So, I reminded Bean Boy of how miserable 1 single bug-bite is.  And said, let's imagine that all over our bodies, and put forth a little effort into being compassionate.... the effect was an abundance of tears and a, "Can't we do anything else to help her?"  Oh sweet children!  Friends, sometimes the problem is so big all we can do is PRAY!  And in our prayers thank Him for the misery that leads to new, cleaned-up hearts! 

Thank you Lord for your constant compassion, and that your mercies are new every morning!  Help me not to run out of mercies with my children!!!

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