Thursday, June 14, 2012



It was quite humbling to sit across the table at dinner the other night from an old ex-friend. This friend was one whom I was sure I had immortally wronged about 10 years ago.  A friend that had been so close and then had become one of my "worst enemies".  Truly over something silly. But I was right!  And, so was she!  As we humbly sat across from each other (apologies had previously been given and accepted) I felt so embarrassed that I had ever acted that way....and that there was someone sitting there that knew how I could act!  I've done an excellent job hiding my messiness, my sin, the real me!  Even the mess in my house gets cleaned before I have company over...even the ones I love and trust!

So- three of us sat there at dinner, and we talked about how the blogs of our homeschool friends, and supermoms we don't know, always show those perfect clean-cut pictures...and why doesn't someone have a blog that exposes the mess?  SO- it has been born!

I love God as much as I possibly can....though often forget!  I am a homeschool mom of three, learning that my life is about constant sacrifice, and that some days I love it...some days, not so much.  I work two nights a week from 7p-7a as a nurse at our local hospital!  I still manage to do some pretty cool things, like field trips to the movies, make cookies, coordinate spelling bees, and more (all done this week!!!).  I am not a great housekeeper.... thank God for the children and husband who help with that quite a bit!  In fact I will post 2 pictures of my worst spots tonight and ask you to remember that there are 2 pairs of shoes, blankets, pillow, Lysol all purpose cleaner, a bag of books, a vacuum, a chair full of construction paper and more things out of place, JUST in the room I'm sitting in!!!

My point in exposing the mess, is to reveal my need for Him who washes all white as snow, to remind ME that I need Him, to remind me with Him, I can be a supermom....not because of who I am, but because of who He is and because I am His!  With Him and His help, I have accomplished a lot, even if the house is a wreck!  Lastly, this is to remind me to be content with the mess.  Life is messy BUT without the mess, I wouldn't need my wonderful, sweet Jesus!!!


  1. Love this! I've been blogging since 2003? Or something crazy like that..I started way back as a way for family to keep up with us. It's so true tho that it's so hard to show the mess, both physical and spiritual...but it is such a relief to know that God is there to pick up my pieces.

    I do have to remind myself a lot that all the blog I love to peruse are normal moms/wives/women like myself and everything isn't always put together like the pretty pictures ;)

  2. God is good! Thank you for stopping by! ;)