Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm a Mess

Please as I write this do not consider these "Super Mom" skills, we all simply do what we must. We all have different gifts...even you!

So- I posted about last week being crazy!  Last week consisted of swim practice (sometimes 2x/day!), dance, gym (twice), a swim meet on Saturday, a gymnastics performance at the gym, I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights (7p-7a) home this morning at 0900- went to bed, got up at noon, went to church to scope out room for our spelling bee with my MIL, went to grocery store (kids in tow), home to put away and feed, then swim practice...then we got home and I got kids ready for bed and into bed all while working on details of the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee segway- perhaps I'll write a full on post about this after the event.... but for now- this will be our 2nd Annual Spelling Bee that benefits missionaries!  They are organized by myself and my super-human MIL! It was Thursday evening (following this post)! Lots of planning and errands involved as well as lots of love for missions.

SO- to the point.  This morning when I arrived at home, I hugged the darlings and checked Baby T over to see about improvement in her rash.  I noticed her thumb was peeling pretty badly.  Went to bed and forgot about it...wonder why? (insert crazy eyes here!) When we went to the pool she got out and showed me that the entire top layer of skin had peeled off of ALL of her fingertips!!! One of them was bleeding!  Thank the Lord swim practice was over.  I tried to compose myself as best as possible and get home!

All I could think was, Lord, I'm too tired.  I can't deal with this. This is my baby and her fingers are falling off....and that was all I thought about for days.  This rash was a total of 3 trips to the doctor, 2 different medications, and hours of worry and heartache.... We still (a week later) do not know what happened to Baby T or why she got this rash.  Now that that steroids are done, we are holding our breath that it doesn't come back and that this was just one bad week.

All this to say that sometimes my weeks are crazy...even with a low budget, I didn't manage to cook much and we ate out a lot.  Our watercolors we started the week before the craziness sat there in our living room, half finished, until today (1 week after starting this post!).  Even after the kids did the Sat evening cleaning, the house is a wreck...crumbs on the counter, paintbrushes in living room, crayons on another table in the living room, etc....  So why am I focusing on the crazy?  So I can tell you that God gave me strength when I needed it!

All that crazy leading up to our Spelling Bee Thursday, and more crazy following with dress rehearsal on Friday, swim meet Sat. morning and recital Sat. afternoon, church Sun., then birthday party for all the fam except mom who has to go to work....  But, I MADE IT through the spelling bee, with last minute changes and drop outs and mess-ups..  I made through Baby T's crazy illness, the working, the schedule, and all that.  Not because I'm supermom, but because God gave me an internal motivation I've not known in a long time. God gave me the strength to say, "If I don't put this load of clothes in now, and fold this one now, I could be in a worse situation when I need them..." He is amazing.

Today I could relax a little.  No where to be until this afternoon's dress rehearsal....and today I was exhausted and had a migraine.  Praise Him that it staved off until when I could relax!

I just know He is good.  I know He provides. He never leaves me. He always gives me what I it or not.  If only I could leave all that worry with Him, I might feel even less stressed in times like this.

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