Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Successful in Survival

So this week has been successful in survival....  I see light at the end of the tunnel for my husband's school, for our homeschool, for the holiday/birthday arrivals, and for some fun!  Woohoo!

I say holiday/birthday, because this is a wild time of year for bdays... If I new how to put a calendar in, I would, BUT... birthdays start Oct. 25 and go like this... Oct. 25th, 26th, 2 on the 27th, 28th.  Nov. 2nd, 12th, 15th, 26th. Dec. Hubby and I have the same bday on the 11th.  And of course, two weeks later we celebrate Jesus' birthday!  SO...including Jesus, that's 12 birthdays, 2 major holidays, 2 minor holidays (if you include Halloween), and a lot of craziness!  Whew...that always wears me out!

In my life this week....  This is my last week of orientation in my new job, and then I'm on my own.  I am extremely nervous and excited.  I do really like it and am glad I'm there, but am extremely aware of how little experience I have in this area, of how smart the people that I'm working with are, and of how far I have to go.  My insecurities are at their height when I'm at it's kind of strange that I'm really enjoying it.  Also, I got some super, amazing news this week from a dear friend.  And, that makes me sooooo happy!

Not only did we get to history, but we did our history projects too!

Mom might not care for painting, but the kids sure do love it!

In our homeschool this week...  I've been stressing a lot about getting through our history lessons because we've been skipping some.  Turns out, I didn't plan as many as I had thought, so as far as my planning goes, I'm not behind!  That's good news!!! That relieved a lot of stress.  I do however feel bad that my son and I have not had enough time to read our read aloud...and it's The Hobbit, which I really want to read.  He has had several days where he is still doing school up till dinner time (his fault not mine!).  I have to figure out how to get this read aloud time back.... The girls are progressing in their skills with reading and math, and I'm excited about that.

My favorite thing this week was.... Our surprise trip to IHOP for free scary pancake day!  The kids had no idea what was going on when I woke them up before the sun was out saying, "Get dressed, I have a suprise! Hurry up!! Let's go!"  It was nice to wake them up and have them happy to get up...of course they weren't thrilled to go back home to school and chores, but they did...

Things I'm working on....  Part of the reason I'm so terribly excited that we only have 15 days of school until our winter break (15 days, yippee, yippee) is that I have a list of craft projects, gifts, chores, and stuff that I want to do.  This sacrificial life is hard on me.... I need to do what I want to do sometimes instead of always doing what I have to do. I love schooling the kids, love taking care of them, but as moms all know...sometimes we need "me" time!  They'll be around helping and doing their own projects I have planned for them!

I'm grateful for.... No one is as blessed with a rich family life as me!  I have been given the pot of gold as  far as I'm concerned!  I love my kids, my husband, and our life together.  God has lavished grace upon me in this area!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Your schedule and family life sound as crazy as mine! I'm glad that you're taking some time for yourself. That's always important, especially when you're always giving to others.

    1. Jennifer... if your life is truly as busy as mine, I hope you are taking time for yourself as well! ;) Thanks for you comments!!!


  2. I hear your heart singing! :-) It is a blessing to read your thoughts. The ending made my heart sing with yours. Love to you and yours!