Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Keeping it Real

Well, I didn't meet my goal of at least 2 posts a week, but in my defense, I've been really sick!  As a nurse and mom, I don't do sick very well...though, I must be getting better at it because I got a ton of stuff done!  I did spend much of the day in bed on Tuesday which is the day I'd usually try to write my 2nd post, or 1st, however you want to look at it.

So, this week was our last of our short 2 week break.  :(  Seriously, unschooling sounds like so much fun!  We still had a lesson in saponification!  My mom and her friends came over, gave us a chemistry lesson and we made soap.  We learned about the exothermic reaction the lye makes when placed in water, and that saponification (soap making...and a really cool "big word") started around 2500 BC....I'm curious to know what they did before then?  We made glycerin soaps in the shape of skulls and crossbones and some lye soaps with different scents. I cannot decide on a favorite, honeysuckle, oatmeal and honey, special edition vanilla (different from your usual vanilla) are all at the top of my list, but we made a few more too.  Apparently I have to turn them every day for a couple of weeks, but that side of my kitchen smells really good.  My mom is so excited and wants to start a business with me!  I guess we'll see what happens. Hubby is on board.... I'm growing time on trees, instead of money of course!

This week we also saw my grandparents (2 sets) for lunch, had Hubby away overnight for his internship, had a "kid swap" with a friend so each mom could have time alone, made a trip to the "big library," and accomplished massive amounts of planning and plodding- nay, trudging through cleaning out the school room!  UGH... will it ever be done!?  Today I believe it will... if I finish, I'll add pictures in this post.

I also did one other thing... my mom actually yelled at me saying, "You know, the rest of us just pin stuff on pinterest and let it sit there.  You're making us look bad by doing the things you pin!!!" *Giggle!  That made me feel good...when do I ever get to do things special and extra? This week was full of them!  For the girls, I made "lampshades" out of plastic punch cups by covering them with material I bought at WM.  I then put slits in the bottom, and stuck lights through them.  I hung up one set on their bed, and have to find a place to hang the other set...I think they look pretty good.  

Yes, I snuck in while they were sleeping to take this pic!

Pretty cool, huh?!

My week at home ended with making chocolate chip cookies and going to Moms to use her cricket to complete our new chore chart....let's just say, I'm not a fan of gluing! This morning (Friday) I will finish up the planning and cleaning of the school room.... UGH!  Then, begins my 4 in a row!  Double UGH!!!  But, as the kind lady at the dollar store pointed out, only 6 more paychecks till Christmas!  :)

WARNING! WARNING!  This is where it gets real. IF you want to continue to think I'm the neatest person ever (snicker, snicker), stop reading HERE!

So, as I was eating breakfast, one in which I had to trick the children into thinking they had enough by making silver dollar pancakes because we didn't have enough bisquick, I realized just how awesome I made myself sound in this post... Ha!  That's funny!  I remembered the reason I started this blog wasn't to make myself look good, but to be real!  So, while yes, we did some really cool stuff this week, here is where I failed... I didn't make one homemade dinner! Or lunch! Today was the first breakfast I made all week! This after singing praises about different things I use to help in this area (here)! My school room still looks like it is under construction.  While I started planning and made good progress, I don't have much hope I'll actually finish.  My living room is and has been a disaster since, well, I don't know when.  Below is a picture of my work table in the living room....mind you, this is after most of the planning has been completed and it is about 2/3 smaller than it was before I thought to take a picture...  It had been my goal to get this area cleaned up too, but I'm not extremely hopeful for that either.  I have yelled at my children.  I did not take a shower yesterday.  I am truly real.  I told Hubby, I can do neat/fun things with kids, school, and maintain some order (though not sure where it is) OR fix meals... I can't seem to do both.  I have just decided I want our family relationships to come first.  I never want my kids to feel like a clean house was more important that them.... they should definitely think that!  Please join in my excitement with the fun we've had this week, be encouraged that all the bloggers out there are "real" people and we can't see the whole picture of their lives.  Be encouraged to spend every minute you can building relationships with your chilies and leading them to the Lord, whether it be through meals, cleaning, school, fun projects, or even, saponification! 

See! I'm real, with real messes that last for weeks and weeks...can't remember when I last saw that little table!
I am, as always, eternally grateful for the wonderful times, the mess, and the awesome family God gave me to share all this with!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  Blessings!

OK....It's done!!! Woohooo wooohooo!!! See why it is such an accomplishment here.

AND, while I didn't get to clean up my area in the living room, Little Bit straightened it somewhat! Sweet girl!

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  1. Yes, it has been...dreading get back to school..but looking forward to it at the same time! ;)

  2. "I remembered the reason I started this blog wasn't to make myself look good, but to be real!" I LOVE that! Thank you for being's incredibly and wonderfully refreshing - keep it up! :-) And btw: the school room looks wonderful, as do the girls fun're very creative...oooooh how I wish I'd gotten just a teensy-eensy bit of that creativity in my genetics. :-/

    1. Thanks! BTW... I just copied what someone else had already done, but it made me feel good!



  3. I totally get the craziness of working and schooling, trying to maintain some tidiness...My aunt always reminds me that a "clean house is no place to raise children". I try and remember that when I start to stress about the chaos, after all we're having a great time.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Angie! Sorry it took so long to get back to you...just worked over 50 hours in the last 4 days. Back to being mommy again! Have a good week!