Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Grateful for "Normal"

  • In my life this week…  It was a plain, old, normal week!!! Yippeee!!!
  • In our homeschool this week…Let's just say that we've come to the end of the week, and I'm just so thankful that it was NORMAL!!!  I didn't have to share homeschool responsibilities; meaning Hubby nor Grommy were teaching this week, just me and my kids!  Work did not interfere this week!  The last couple of months have not afforded many weeks like this, and I'm just so grateful to have one.  I remember now that I actually like to homeschool, I hate sharing my kids (even with family) and time is so precious and fleeting!  I wish I could make time stand still on our normal days!
       Little Bit started a Jr. Homemaker course.  This semester is cooking.In less than 2 hours they made a 7 layer bean dip, cinnamon/sugar tortillas, and an ambrosia! She did great, and the tacos from our local Mexican restaurant went great with her bean dip.... YUM!I'm excited to have help in the kitchen! (Can you believe I forgot to take pictures?)

       We are working on a review for Math Made Simple, and my son is doing algebra...and likes it!  He is 11 people...oh my word!!! More on this in a couple of weeks.

       We did make it to the park and to a field trip.  Poor Bean Boy did school at the park, and late in the afternoon the next day to keep up!  I'm proud of him.

  • I am inspired by…  Pinterest...I tried, tried, tried so hard to resist... but it got me.  My mom yelled at me for actually doing the things I pinned saying I make everyone else look bad. Well... truth be told, I'll never measure up to those amazing people. Ha!  I'll just stick with gluing fabric on plastic cups, and move on! 
  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Our field trip this week was to see the lego movie Jericho that was written/produced by a homeschool family.  It was hysterical!  AND, very well done!  Impressive! Here is a link so you can sneak a preview...
  • My favorite thing this week was…  as stated above, having a "normal" week.
  • What’s working/not working for us…  Work is not working for me...anyone adopting a homeschool family????  Though, I have to say I'm getting excited/nervous about transferring to the Trauma ICU....this is my last weekend on my current floor!
  • I’m praying for… my friend Angie.  She's a long way from home, and I love her dearly.  Angie, I know your purpose is mighty, and that you are serving the Lord with all your heart!  I love you!

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I also love this lady! Rachel always displays a theme of gratitude...something God's teaching me so much about!!!

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  1. That's because it's hard to take photos when you are holding my

  2. Hi! "Normal" weeks can be really nice after not-so-normal weeks! We saw the Jericho video at our state homeschool convention last year. Fun! Just stopping by from THMJ.