Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap: First Concert!!!!

So, this is only 3-4 days later than usual!  My work schedule has been very tough to deal with.  In the last 2 weeks, I've probably worked over 90 hours!  I'm very thankful to my husband, mother-in-law, and friends who have helped keep us sane during the crazy....

Despite that, there are a couple of really good memories from the week that I wanted to share.  First, I re-started SOTW in order to "do it right". I had just been putting in the CDs and moving on.  For my son, that's enough...but for Little Bit, with no history foundation in the 3rd SOTW book, it was, well, just not fair to her.  So, I decided to actually listen with them (fortunately I can do 2 things at once!) and do some of the activities... This week's activity involved 10 lbs of flour... I couldn't imagine throwing all that flour away, so I threw it at my kids!  (Yes, we did this outside!)  It is a lesson I have learned...while the fun was hysterical, I STILL have flour on my driveway and car!!!  My husband is going to pay my son to pressure wash the driveway, and eventually, we'll get the car scrubbed... But, it was fun!!! The neighbor came out to get her mail and got a good chuckle while snapping a picture for us!

Baby T did not enjoy this...she got flour in her eyes. 

This is how it started...

The other fantastic memory was of Little Bit's first concert.  She is my music lover, and singer.  Through FB I discovered that Kari Jobe was coming in concert.  Who doesn't love to sing with Kari Jobe? So, we invited a friend for a girls night out, went to Panera, and jammed with Anthony Evans, All Sons and Daughters (bought the album and LOVE it!!!) and of course, Kari Jobe... It was fun to see the girls jumping on the pews, dancing, singing, worshiping!  Every song asking, when is Kari coming out?!  And what a beautiful first concert.  It wasn't huge like some are.  It was low-key...lots of kids at the front on the floor. Little Bit was fascinated with the lights, so I know the bigger concerts will be exciting for her too.  But, my friend was saying that her first concert was Cranberries...remember them?  So, I was glad that Little Bit's first had such a focus on worship... several times Kari was on her knees before the Lord. Hands raised more often than not, and just speaking the name of Jesus....it was lovely!

Breaking  my rules and showing "face"... but, I was shocked at how much she looks like me!

Sorry for the cruddy cell phone pic, but you can get the idea and see the worship in her heart! God is good!
This week should be better as far as being on time with my update!

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