Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Most Awesomest Students Ever!

I'm not going to lie.... it was VERY DIFFICULT to choose pictures for this blog hop.  I don't like to show my kids full faces on the internet, so it took me a while... Not to mention I worked Thursday-Sunday nights and was waaay too tired last night to post anything!

These shots were done by Laina Bowen from Every Generation PhotographyShe did an excellent job, and as you can see, we all had a lot of fun.  Some of them even look like serious student pictures!  I included a pic of the whole family for fun!

Baby T and Little Bit being themselves.... super silly!

*I don't have a loner picture of Little Bit that I can use! :( But the one of her with Baby T is great!

I probably shouldn't mention the fight over the feather "pen"... Looks like Baby T won!

BeanBoy did not love this day...though he did like the idea of having his picture taken with books! 

BeanBoy, Kristy, Hubby, Little Bit, and Baby T.

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